2018 Review

Where are your charity dollars going?

In 2018, we continued to follow our Lord’s leading, surpassing $1.1 million dollars of support to approximately 9,000 hurting children and their families. A breakdown of support provided by case and by the hospital is given here.


Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Orlando, FL
22 families $7,492.50
Children’s Healthcare
Atlanta, GA
113 families $33,556.76
Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart
Pensacola, FL
1 family $664.63
UF Shands Children’s Hospital
Gainesville, FL
16 families $7,135.84
St Joseph’s Children’s Hospital
Tampa, FL
14 families $6,010.00
Riley Hospital for Children; Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and Lutheran Children’s Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana
19 families $6,260.31
Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Jacksonville, FL
42 families $16,833.75
In 2018 Christ’s Starfish Foundation served a total of 227 families with $77,953.79 of support
*This represents a 21% increase of families served!


Christmas in July

Provided over 500 gifts to the child life department at Wolfson


  • Wolfson-over 4,000 presents to 186 children
  • Shands- 1,400 presents to 188 children
  • Atlanta- 1,400 presents to 160 children
  • at Egleston and Scottish Rite
  • Indiana-360 gifts to 122 NICU,
  • Approximately 2,400 presents to 160 children
  • Arnold Palmer-430 gifts for 144 NICU babies.
  • *presents average approximately $6.00 per gift.

We serve a mighty God and HE has made all this possible. Sincere thanks to each of you for your generous support of HIS work at Christ’s Starfish Foundation.

“…God gave the increase” – 1 Corinthians 3:6