2022 Review

Where are your charity dollars going?

In 2022, Christ’s Starfish Foundation provided the following assistance to hurting children and their families, at eleven children’s hospitals.
Florida: Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital-Jacksonville, UF Health Shands-Gainesville, St. Joseph’s-Tampa, and Arnold Palmer-Orlando
Georgia: Egleston-Atlanta, Scottish Rite-Atlanta, and Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia-Brunswick, Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta
Indiana: Riley Hospital for Children-Indianapolis, Peyton Manning-Indianapolis, and Lutheran Children’s Hospital-Fort Wayne


Wolfson 33 families $11,540.35
Atlanta 118 families $39,300.43
Shand’s 15 families $6,036.98
Indiana 23 families $15,472.81
St. Joseph’s 3 families $1,279.01
Augusta, GA $1,197.05
Arnold Palmer 21 families $11,540.35
In 2022 we provided support totaling, $90,817.86, in a continuing unique COVID-19 environment.
Wolfson Recording Studio Project $29,222.68


Once again with your support we were able to put smiles on the faces of 679 children, who were in the hospital this Christmas.  

Wolfson – over 3,000 presents to 259 children.

Indiana – 400 presents to 132 NICU babies and approximately 1000 presents to 134 children.

Arnold Palmer – 430 presents to 144 NICU babies.

At Christmas we provided approximately 5,000 gifts to 679 children, in 5 children’s hospitals, in Florida and Indiana.

Thank you, God, for helping us to help these children!!!

In 2022 we passed the $1,700,000.00 mark in support to over 13,000 hurting children and their families. We serve a mighty God and He has made all this possible. Thank you for your obedience in following our Lord’s call and your generous support of His work at Christ’s Starfish Foundation.

This year we are exploring the opportunity to begin work in North and South Carolina and Kentucky. If you would like to join us in the expansion to help more hurting children, please become a Vision 2023 Partner for a monthly commitment of $10.00 or any amount you feel led to donate. Please visit our website at christstarfish.org

Please know that 100% of your donations go directly to help these children and families. Our Board of Directors pays all our administrative expenses.

Thank you once again for all that you do!

May God bless you!