Vision Partners

Our VISION PROGRAM was initiated in 2016 to raise funds for our staffing needs.

To date it has grown to include more than 270 VISION PARTNERS!

We praise The Lord for this growth and related donations totaling approximately $85,000!


(A $10 per month, or $120 per year donation is all it takes to make an impact – in Christ’s name)

Adrienne Michelle Spa
Darla Alexander
Bonnie Anzaldva-Mariani
James And Kim Astry
Elaine Atchison
Michael Atter
Julie Avirett
Candice Bailey
Kent Bailey
Richard Baker
Vanessa Baker
Anna Raye Baldwin
Tom And Susan Bandor
John And Martha Barker
Chris And Heather Barlow
Janice Barone
Mike Bell
Bilo Sales And Service
Ralph And Lisa Blackweldr
Rosalee Blair
Danielle Blanchard
Mark Blasi
Tiffany Bleen
Angie Bouda
Helen And Krista Branch
Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa
Pat Brown-Scott
Charlene Brown
Wm. R And Celeste Brown
Steve And Paula Burke
Elizabeth Byrd
Amy And Greg Caesar
Karion Capers
Brandon Caraway
Phil And Stacy Clark
Cindy Clough
Abigail Cole
Patricia And Michael Conrad
Charlie Criss
Angela Crosby
John And Kelly Cutich
Cora Daler
Mike Darley
John Darnell
Janice David
John Davis
Karen Davis
Charles Davis
Sharo Davis
Curtis And Joan Dean
Jon And Amber Degitz
Dan Dejiacomo
Guillermo Diaz
Paul Dickerson
Linda Dieckmann
Bill And Terrilyn Donohue
Minnie Dotson
Douglas And Michelle Dulke
Mohanned Edrich
Nathaniel And Ellowese Elder
Emily Elrod
Gerald Ergle
Greg Ergle
Monty Ergle
Robby Ergle
Susan Ergle
Venice Ergle
George Escallon
Louann And Gary Flagler
Mr and Mrs Ronald Flory
Kelly Franco
Jay And Lorry Fricker
Josh And Cara Friend
Lenora Frisi-Spiess
Janell Fulco
Darren And Jennifer Gaddis
Regina Gail
Renee And David Gandee
Brian Giles
Brett Goldin
Alicia Gomez
Wanda Goneau
Dan And Jennifer Greagor
Bobby And Susan Greene
Terry And Karen Grieninger
David Gustafson
Virgil Hall
Latonya Hamilton
Cindy Hanauer
Mike Hanauer
Julie Handley
William Hardin
Caitlyn Harlow
Christine Harrell
Eric And Janice Harrell
Allison Hastie
Ronnie And Tressa Hayes
Maria Hernandez
Vanessa Hicks
Sandra Hickson
Darryl Highsmith
David And Susan Hill
Alison Hitz
Ken And Dana Hitz
Jeff Hoffman
Eric And Clara Holand
Jason And Addie Hostetler
Mary Hulihan
Lindsay Hurley
Ann Ives
Noelle Ivy
Debra Ann Johnson
Lynn Johnson
Ed Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Tyrone Johnson
Beverly And Sean Kaplan
Dan Kelly
Aaron Kelpin
Elizabeth Kelpin
Apollo And Dawn Kemper
Evelyn Keppinger
Jan Key
Ron And Sally King
Lewis And Leanne King
Jim And Mary Klem
Nancy Kmet
Matt And Diana Kochert
Carldon And Becky Lahey
Earl Lahey
Lake City Bowl

Mary Lang
Jim Law
Chris Lay
Olive Ledbetter
Sarah Ledbetter
David And Lauren Leppert
Rachel Letang
Felicia Levins
Don And Myra Lewis
Chenita Lewis
Jim Lohbauer
Chip And Ruth Loney
Carol Love
Wayne And Lynne Ludwig
John And Sonja Lyons
Joan Maloney
Terry Markins
Derek Marler
Dondrea Marshall
Terrance Mathis
Emilia Matthews
Steve Mccollum
Brenda Mccollum
Rick And Melinda Mccombs
Chip Mcdonnell
Mary And Mike Mckee
Jim And Jessica Mckinney
Jane Miller
Donna Miller
Riteway Ministries
Vickki Mioduszewski
Jeff Miranda
Rachel Mitchell
Joel Monroe
John Morrelli
Edmond Morrison
Ann Moses
Luis And Elsie Murillo
Terri And Eddie Newhard
Mlysses Newson
Bob And Lorrie O’Neal
Debbie Orr
Mark Osteen
Holly Painter
Alan And Melinda Parrish
Melinda Parrish
Dan Payne
Dr. Melvin And Debbie Pender
Craig And Mercedes Petrus
Lew And Janis Petteway
Joseph Philip
Jeannie Poon
Susan Porter
Phillip And Gail Poules
Elaine Powell
Steve And Linda Priddy
Ralph Priest
Clarence Prince
Shedrick And Joyee Prince
Pristine Holdings Llc
David And Trudy Randolph
Heidi Raulerson
Chris Ray
Je Ray
Dave And Rachel Raymond
Russell Reichard
Restaurant Equip Services
Bill Reynolds
Lynn Rich
Resedential Ridgewood
Tasha Riggs
Carina Ritz
Jason And Ashleigh Robinson
Marcus Robinson
Ron And Gina Rohrbacher
Ed And Deb Rooks
Bill Rouse
Bart And Kristy Rowand
Marjorie Ruebush
Michael and Valarie Sanders
Millie Santiago
Debra Scholtus
Patricia Scott
Servent Of The Lord Ministry
John And Sandy Seyfert
Amy Shaheen
Dean And Pam Slocumb
Chris Spears
Jerry And Pat Stapp
Chris Stevens
Cynthia And Michael Stewart
Ornella Stewart
Pamela Stika
Mark Tague
Paul Taylor
Sheri Taylor
Lydia Taylor
James Teel
Lisa Teel
Bobby And Janice Thomas
Tracie Thurman
Steven Tipton
David And Deborah Townsend
Sam And Luisa Troche
Steve Truluck
Melissa Turner
Cathy Turner
Glenn And Donna Tyree
Amy Umberger
Adam And Sarah Umberger
Katherine Voeyens
Irene Wagley
Melinda Wagner
Howard Wanamaker
Mary And Steve Weaver
Derold And Nancy Wertz
Pastor Dave And Sally Wesche
Westside Baptist
Ted And Shelly Whitfield
Dawn And Wade Whitehurst
Mike And Abby Widmer
Pastor Dale Williams
Turner And Priscilla Wimberly
Jerry Wood
Kendra Woodcock
Gilbert Wright
Nancy Wright
Chris Wynn
Bennita Young
Cindy Young
Milford And Carol Yount
Greg And Angie Zelt